Dreamworks Lakeside

Theatrical mix stage upgrade to certified Dolby Atmos.

The smallest Dolby Atmos Certified Theatrical Mix Room was no small endeavour. The Lakeside studio features 30 channels of Meyer Sound Speakers including Acheron-80 screen channels, X-800 LFE subwoofers, and HMS-10 surrounds with UMS-1XP subs. Streamline’s Installers acoustically isolated all of the speakers from the structure allowing for excellent clarity and high SPL in the mix room without structural resonances or transmission to other spaces. A Streamline Integration configured BSS BLU DSP system handles Bass Management for Atmos Home Entertainment mixes, and switches between DTSX, full Atmos, legacy surround formats, and an alternate nearfield mix system using either Blu-10, iPad, or connected PC control panels. The BSS also routes audio from the Rendering and Mastering Unit via Dante for rapid and convenient playback in the Dolby Atmos Certified critical screening cinema across campus.

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